• Since it's establishment MGME has endeavored to create indoor and outdoor experiences entwined with people's lifestyle and needs. MGME currently leads a consortium of fine Italian luxury furnishing brands in UAE that are apt for contract, retail, hospitality projects including large scale projects like airports, racing circuits galleries and auditoriums.

    We ensure our clients realizing almost any design intent to their specification and yet building significant value-engineering and elevated design principles with our meticulously handpicked opulent European brands. A subdued, pleasant, unforced originality that is never affected or overwhelming characterizes MGME collections which furnish contract, hospitality and residential in prestigious locales around the world.

    The company believes that work & living space requires settings which comply with the needs and thoughts of the people who work & live in them, while maintaining a high level of comfort, but without sacrificing the pleasure of moving, living, and meeting in areas where beauty becomes an added dimension of daily activity.